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ICSASPP names the coming Iranian New Year as the

"Year of Pasargad"

In a few weeks, and on the advent of spring, Nowruz, the New Year of Iranians, will arrive. This is an ancient Iranian festivity which is still observed by all Iranians, as well as many other nations that once belonged to the Persian Empire. Numerous natural, social and political incidents have not been able to wipe this profound occasion from the Iranian culture. The reason for this persistence lies in the fact that Nowruz is based on the central ideas of Love, Light, Development, Humanism and Peace.

One of the ancient locations that housed such great ideas was the Pasargad Plain, the very place that gave birth to the idea of Human Rights and initiated the history of Iran on such a proud foundation.

This great place is now in danger of being wiped from the face of the earth due to the imminent flooding of a dam that has been built right in the heart of Bolaghi Gorge and Pasargad Plain, threatening to harm the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great as well – The very human being who realized the idea of Human Rights in his famous declaration 2500 years ago.

ICSASPP, that was set up to prevent such a disaster, named the previous Iranian year as the "Year of Pasargad" in the hope of attracting the attention of people all over the globe who believe in the importance of cultural heritages of nations, as well as the responsible world organizations, to this cause.

Now, getting closer to yet another Iranian new year, the danger still exists and the project of the destruction of the Iranian cultural heritage is still on the table. It is based on this real threat that ICSASPP has decided to name the new Iranian year as the "Year of Pasargad" again, asking all Iranians and non-Iranians who oppose such uncivilized action to elevate their endeavors in this direction by helping our Committee in whatever way they can think of.

We wish everyone a very happy "New Year of Pasargad" - a year that could see the eradication of such unwanted threat to the Iranian ancient heritage.

March 10, 2007