A letter to the People of the World, United Nations, UNESCO and International Federation for Human Rights


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is almost two years that thousands of people interested in the historical and cultural heritages of human kind have pleaded for your help to save a large part of archeologically unique sites of Iran, recognized as a part of human heritage, from complete destruction by the flooding of a Dam called Sivand.


These threatened areas are comprised of Bolaghi Gorge, Pasargad Plains and the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great, the author of the first Human rights charter. According to reports prepared by excavators, geologists, environmentalists, archeologists and historians, all published inside Iran, flooding the Sivand Dam will not only destroy all the historical treasures of this area but it will also jeopardize the environment and agriculture of a vast region in Iran's Fars province.


Now, the Ministry of Energy in Iran, with the consent of Organization for Historical Heritage of that country, the very establishment that is to preserve such treasures, intends to flood this area regardless of all the above grave consequences.


The International Committee to Save Pasargad, addresses your civilized and loving consciousness to do whatever you humanely can to prevent this cultural and human disaster from happening.


With Love and Regards

The International Committee to Save Pasargad 




All these documents will be sent to the UN and UNESCO as attachments to this letter