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  19 مهر  1387    (2547 سال پاسارگارد)   10 اکتبر 2008        ============      کميته نجات پاسارگاد هيچ گونه وابستگی مذهبی و سياسي ندارد



A letter from P H F

to Mr. Andrew Murray Burnham

The British Secretary of State for Culture

As a part of Commemorating

Cyrus the Great Day

His Excellency, Mr. Andy Burnham                                           Date: October 10, 2008

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

United Kingdom Government

Dear Sir,

As the highest responsible authority supervising over one of the most important archeological collections of the world, you have an ancient cylinder amongst the human treasures situated in your country.  Although it originally belongs to the Persian nation and the country of Iran and is presently owned by your country according to the international laws, it actually is considered as a part of human heritage, belonging to the whole humankind’s civilization. Naturally, you are both aware and practically involved in its proper protection and safe-keeping.

This unique artifact, known as Cyrus the Great Cylinder and The First Human Rights Declaration, is considered as one of the rarest human creations - both due to the elevated historical position of its creator and its significant content - and suitably safe guarded by the British Museum, is nevertheless, in danger of extinction because of its occasional displacements.

Therefore, the uniqueness of this artifact on one hand, and the dangers that threatens it, on the other, necessitates its registration with the “World Heritage Memory.” As you certainly are aware, 15 years ago UNESCO established this registry to preserve precious humankind treasures and, based on the provisions provided by this establishment, Cyrus’s cylinder can and should be registered with the “World Heritage Memory.”

As a non-profit, non-political and volunteer organization that lovingly endeavors to preserve and salvage the threatened archeological and cultural sites and artifacts of Ancient Iran, we appeal to your kind attention - as the owner of this cylinder – to consider taking this most important step and register this invaluable symbol of peace, non-violence, freedom of faith and abandonment of slavery in the history of human civilization with the “World Heritage Memory” so that necessary actions could be taken for it’s preservation.

Thanking you in advance,

Shokooh Mirzadegi 

Founder and Executive Manager of PHF 

 Dr. Mohamad Ali Dadkhah,

 Director of Legal Affairs of PHF

 Head of Iranian Attorneys for Human Rights


CC:      Mr Neil MacGregor

Director of the British Museum


Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji

Vice president of the International Federation of Human Rights &

President of Iranian Human Rights League