A note of declaration and clarification


ICSASP is an international committee reflecting only national-humanistic aspirations of its members in an attempt to save the archeological sites of Pasargad.  We, therefore, so  declare that ICSASP is not affiliated with any political parties, organizations, or groups.

Although, we recognize that it is the right of any individual or political organization to value and safeguard their respected national heritage, such efforts should not reflect ICSASP involvement.  Further more, any use of ICSASP’s name and efforts to promote one’s political agenda is not permitted.

ICSASP so declares that only the announcements, letters, or declarations posted on the official web-site (www.savepasargad.com), or communiqués made by official representatives of the committee reflect the committee and its members’ efforts.


Shokooh Mirzadegi

ICSASP Director

For organizational and international activities

August, 2005