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ICSASP Announcement


ICSASP wishes to inform all concerned citizens that the Cultural Commission of Iran’s Parliament has announced the postponement of operational phase of the Sivand dam until further notice.  Although, no date was specified by the commission, ICSASP regards this development as a first step and an achievement resulting from the heroic struggle of a nation to safeguard its national and cultural heritage.


In the first two days of the declared “Days of International Vigilance to Save Pasargad” we have witnessed a tremendous participation by citizens worldwide who have e-mailed or faxed their concerns to UNESCO. We, in ICSASP, view this as a historic evidence of global participation of people in a cultural/humanistic issue that will be retained and remembered for generations.


ICSASP wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all those who have supported the initiative to prevent a cultural catastrophe facing Pasargad Plains.  Special thanks go to the members and experts of Cultural Heritage Center of Iran.  At the same time, members of ICSASP wish to declare that the Committee will continue its efforts and enhance its resolve worldwide until assurances are given by archaeologists and experts of the World Heritage Committee that Pasargad Plains is safe and not adversely impacted from the proposed operation of the Sivand dam.


Shokooh Mirzadegi

ICSASP Director

For organizational and international activities

November 23, 2005