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پيوند به صفحه اصلی


Cyrus the Great Day


Cyrus Kar, Director of "Cyrus The Great" documentary

"For the first time in recorded history, Cyrus proved that affording citizens certain God-given rights not only doesn't threaten government but empowers it."

"To understand this statement, you have to remember that before Cyrus, all imperial governments had been sustained through fear, including the Egyptian empire, the Assyrian empire and the Babylonian empire.  Cyrus allowed some measure of freedom to his citizens at enormous risk to his own power but soon realized that not only did this not threaten his government but even made him stronger, which served as an important precedent to future rulers as captured in a book by Xenophon, titled 'The Cyropaedia.'   This book gave future rulers, toying with the idea of allowing citizens some basic freedoms, some peace of mind that their sovereignty will not be compromised and that rebellion will not necessary result from that freedom.  This groundbreaking precedent was Cyrus's most significant and lasting legacy."



کميته بين المللی نجات پاسارگاد