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پيوند به صفحه اصلی

فوریه 2011



 Iranian New Solar Year of 1390

Was named as “The Year of Cultural Rationality”

By Pasargad Heritage Foundation


Every year with the  start of the new year and with  coming of  Nowruz, this important and glorious festivity of the Iranian people , the Pasargad Heritage Foundation announces a name for the new year; a name relevant and related to history, culture, nature and/or environment.

The main goal for this announcement is to bring attention of the people of Iran and the world to the worsening environmental and cultural conditions and the recent events in our homeland, Iran.  Thus, by naming the year, we would like to shed light on the problems that are threatening our cultural and natural heritage.

         This year too, along with the arrival of the New Iranian Year, Iran is suffering from many adverse events that threaten humanity, and have major impact on water, soil and natural environment to an unprecedented level in the recorded history. Now, every corner of Iran is entangled in serious environmental crises. Many of restricted zones and natural habitats are withering away. Rivers, their basins and lakes are being dried up one by one. The industrial, chemical and environmental pollutants are creating and spreading an assortment of diseases and causing death amongst people.

         At the same time, numerous historical and cultural treasures are endangered in every corner of the Iran due to the intentional acts of destruction or a nonchalant neglectful and irrational attitude towards them by the irresponsible authorities. No day passes without a series of news about the destruction of these treasures, putting all cultural heritage of the country in urgent and critical condition.

Above all, these atrocities and the lack of freedom and human rights are the most important and precious part of a civilized culture; a star shining in the skies of Human Rights has been attacked by dictatorial attitudes of those who rule the country.

There is no doubt that Iran is now similar to a war-stricken country. The dimmest light can show a human catastrophe in making; a catastrophe that pushes humans towards an ultimate annihilation.

In such a dismal situation, we, at PHF, believe that the real salvation is found in the Iranian rational cultural values and beliefs. This is a culture that is based on rejection of all destructions, all miseries, pollutions and, above all, discrimination in any form and shape. This is a culture that gives attention and equal rights to all religions, sub-cultures and believes, creating an atmosphere of healthy civilization upon the pillars of love and non-discrimination.

It is our belief that it is only under the umbrella of a rational and civilized culture that all humans learn to respect and adopt the sanctity of nature and heal their wounds.

Now, at the threshold of yet another Iranian New Year, when nature is rejuvenated to engage in a festivity that manifests the most precious symbols of union and reconciliation, PHF has named the New Year of 1390 as “The Year of Cultural Rationality”  and extends its best wishes to all Iranians on this occasion, expecting everyone to use their utmost endeavors for the salvation of their homeland from the clutches of such a vast destruction and misery through adopting a resolution to expand the rational essence of the Iranian culture as much as possible.

Let us turn this New Year into a beginning for our grand walk towards a prosperous, bright and green land where healthy and happy people live with freedom and liberty.

With love and congratulation for the New Iranian Year

Shokooh Mirzadegi

On behalf of Pasargad Heritage Foundation

February 26,2011

کمیته بین المللی نجات پاسارگاد