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Heirs to the light

Dena Ziari


You of rejection

You destroy me so that they can no longer remember

You break me down because you think they will forget

You resent this humble earth that covers my remains

And wish to submerge our untold secrets

                                                     with your tainted intent


Drowning of secrets,

drowning of our name.


The life of me runs through them,

A life always routing itself towards tomorrow

They will hold the sun within their mouths

                                to shed light on everything unknown

On everything untold

Will be told


Will be told with each tomorrow


Our sun will dry your drowning waters

To bring back the day

To bring back the land

The light in their mouths will kiss the flame onto tomorrow

So they will always remember

So they will never forget


So she goes to embrace her parents,

And this is why she embraces her name,

They tell the secret, the secret story of where it was she came


Each memory, each connection to our beginning,

                            each bond of the light within our mouths,

We become heirs to the light,

We of the light.


8th December, 2005